I really was looking forward to the litter between Movie and Byte (Aucanada Another One Byte The Dust) from Spain.

This should be the perfect combination, and I couldn't wait to keep a puppy for my self in from this litter!

Sadly it didn't went as hoped! She was scanned at 3 weeks with 4-5 puppies.... But something was not good... And next scan showed 3 was disappeared, and only 1 puppy left.....
We kept doing the scans, and the puppy was small... The last scan before birth, sadly showed that the puppy died.... So we needed to wait and hope it would pass by it own, and Movie would go in labor.. But no, we needed a c-seaction. Sadly the uterus was not good, and they needed to remove all! My dream of a Movie puppy crashed! I was and am devasted!
This little boy, was going to be named "Soulmate", so this is still how he will be mentioned! RIP Soulmate <3

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