Cute x Sensei

This litter is a dream come true in many ways!
I have always dreamed of using my "own" males, but all my litters have been related, so not possible... So I bought 2 females home 2 years ago, to hopefully use in breeding..

This year the dream come true with possibility of mating Cute and Sensei (Primadonna x Hunni).

Cute                           Sensei

Both dogs has the most amazing temper, and loves to work.. Both dogs is very near to my heart, and I love them truly, so this litter was really one I was looking forward to! I expected these dogs to be both very eager and cooperative when working, very friendly to all dogs and people. I would expect the puppies to be eager to all dog sports, but for sure a nice easy and light jumping technique, with good accelerations! I expect the dogs to be like parents, and more handler focused than independent, so handling would be natural and easy for them, and I would think there should be more focus on the independent training in the beginning..

Cute was very quick in ovulation, first test showed ready NOW, on day 6, the number was 26, and we didn't get the number before day after, so we rushed away as soon we got the result (on the blood from day before) to get Sensei and go to the vet for insemination right away! Didn't dare to wait for trying on normal mating.... Cute was on the last days, and wasn't that interested in Sensei jumping, and Sensei wasn't a fan of us supporting Cute while he should try... So we had to trust the one insemination a little late in heat.....

Cute had an easy and great pregnancy, and scan showed 4 puppies, I was soo happy! Couldn't belive we were that lucky!

Well Cute showed that she is quick at EVERYTHING! And is a super girl, who can do anything on her own!

1. november 2018 : SUPER Cute had her birth all by herself, all cleaned up when Dennis came home from work, 2 days too soon.....Cute was there with her pretty little babies..... Sadly little was an understatement...

Cute had 4 small puppies, 3 girls and 1 boy

1 boy on 60 gram
2 girls on 65 gram
1 girl on 115 gram

The biggest girl, did great after some help supprting the first day, then she did perfect all by herself!
We did all we could to help the small once in the beginning, probe feeding and helping to stabilize when eating from Cute.. And did this all day, every 2,5-3 hours..
Sadly the little boy only lived 1 day...
6. november we had a really good feeling, even thugh it went a little up and down with the 2 small girls, but we really belived in them!
Read the update on facebook 15. november

Sadly just before 14 days, 1 little girl sleeped in... This was very hard for us, fighting, beliving and connecting to them! We talked a lot over with the vets, and they didn't recommend us to go father with it, because they were sure we wouldn't get more answer than "early born"..... So we decided to focus on the 2 girls still with us, and keep fighting for the little girl left. 

When we reach 3 weeks, and both girls was still here, and then 4 weeks, then I started to dare beliving in it! We were still so happy we still and these 2 girls, and to see the joy they have for each other is just all worth it! 

So there names was easy:

Gjerulff sense of happy feet
Gjerulff sense of joyful cheer

Happy is the biggest one, and Joy is the smaller one
2 fighting girls, who made it, and is developing everyday!

Happy and Joy is still not the biggest puppies, at 4 weeks, they are doing really well and already like tugging and playing, and not afraid of our grown-up dogs! To keep following there development, please follow our facebok site :)

Happy and Joy (Zoey) is developing to be fantastic sweet girls! Now 9 month old, and almost look like grown-ups..
Happy small medium (about 35-36 cm) and Zoey about 32 cm.
Both girls are sweet and happy dogs, and I really enjoy following these to miracles develop!