Cider x Kas

The mating got a lot stressed.... We have been waiting soo long for the heat, but Cider is just not a textbook female.... Finally her heat came, and first litter she was mated on day 17, this time ovulation on day 5... That's not good when I started testing on day 7.... I stressed with getting Kas and Dasa to Denmark, and we got insemination on day 7, and just hoped the best!

The birth didn't go just as planned.... For once her temperture dropped, and we were waiting, but nothing happend.. The night came, and still nothing.. So I decided to take her to the vet.. On the way to the vet something of the puppy pobbed out, but no birth membrane, so I was pretty sure she was dead.... I rushed to the vet...

Then Cider got very upset, and walking around in the cage beside me, I was on the freeway, and helped the puppy out... I was sure she was dead, but soooo surprised when she screamed a little, i hold her i my hand, rushed of the freeway, and checked the puppy.... She was alive, and all seemed okay... I knew there was 2, so I rushed further, and got to the vet, and Cider got some injections to help get the birth get re-started, and the other girl came, and was perfectly alive and well!

Both girls was perfect and started eating right away, and was very strong !

Once again I can ask myself, if I have waited at home, they maybe just would come by them self??? Well, I will never risk my dog for the puppies, the female is most important, so of t the vet we go..... (a lot) ;)

Read about the birth here !

We are soo happy for Ciders 2 beautiful triclour girls ! Perfect and stunning !

Gjerulff A True Passion Of Art    aka Passion
Gjerulff A True Masterpiece     aka Dash

Paasion was born in the car towards the vet, and weigh 220 gram
Piece / Dash was born at the vets place, and weigh 180 gram

They were the sweetest easiest puppies, and I really enjoyed those 2 ! I really got to know them so well, I got so close to them, because only 2 ! Also place and room for both, one for each hand! 

These puppies had a perfect natural toy drive, and really like their mom, they have a huge will to cooperate and please, and do well on both toy and treat !
They were so easy with all the grown-up dogs, and loved to play with Play :)
Look at this video !

About 4,5 weeks they really showed some different persnality: look at the video on facebook :)
Passion is clear more independent, walking her own way and discovere what ever/when ever and Piece is the "people"/attention type, really love to crawl all over you and gives kisses 

Individual descriptions:

Passion reminds me so much of Cider! And Cider I got only after Primadonna was 18 month old, because I just needed to have that dog! I like Passion so much, so I actually thought about keeping her on my own, not only co-owned, she really got under my skin! Passion is a bit bigger, not to big, but she is just so cheeky, so much fun, just jump into the world with open arms, but more on her own.... Not that depended on us, so will maybe be a more difficult to work with.... Compared to Piece... Passion is more independet, and like to do a lot on her own, also with the tugging, she rather wants to run and play by herself.. 

Piece/Dash she is truly on us, and really wants the close contact! BUT not said she is not curious, and walk on her own, but she is just much more cooperative! She is a little smaller, and she fantastic angles and has the pretties face and head! Piece is a sweet end funny one, she is much better at tug drive, and is always with a toy in her mouth, not only play with me, also a lot with her self.  Piece is taking a lot of contact towards our other dogs, and play with them. She is is really interacting with the dogs, and the one who plays the most with Cider. 

I work a lot on taking the puppies a new place, room, surface, everyday, because that is the most important with shelties. It's soo important they is confident in all surroundings and surfaces.

Piece/Dash is very typical sheltie, I have had a lot like her, who go a little low when walking on new surfaces in the beginning, and explore on their own... When she is confident, she is totally fearless, and running around like crazy! and then there is not anything ever again.