Gjerulff Guru with flying paws
(Envy x Yodi)

Guru also known as Mister Perfect, and is everything we have dreamed of!
He has the whole package, and has the best of both mom and dad!
On a daily basis, he lives with Ann and her 2 Pyrenean sheepdogs.

Guru is an amazing working dog, he loves to work; no matter what it is, whether it is agility or tricks he is intense and happy to cooperate! He is incredibly smart, and learns extreme fast!

I have been verylucky to be able to follow Ann and Guru on their agility journey right from the start, he started with tricks and didn't start with agility on obstacles befor he was 8 month old. He has never really had difficulties with handling and understanding of lines, and most things have come very naturally to him, and he has surprised us every time we have presented him with something new or increased the level of difficulty, and looks like someone who has never made others!

As an agility dog, dogs are either "collecter" or "extender" by nature, and Guru is actually hard to put in a box, as he is great at both! Both he and his litter sister are eminent at deaccelerating and collecting on jumps, that you almost fall over when seeing them make wraps and change of direction, and therefore I would say he is a "collecter" by nature.
However, he accelerates fantastically on forward lines and extends with full power! He works with full power and intensity, but is still very pleasing and love to follow the handler! He can easily work independently and at a distance, but he is not the type to "run for himself", he is a pleaser, and works just as well close to handler! Like I said there are not many like him, he really has the whole package! I have seen many dogs run agility, but Guru has something very special and it is hard to find his weaknesses! If he should be in doubt about the lines, and handler is not completely in place, he waits a bit on instructions and when the handler are in place again, he works forward with full power. But he is not the type to just wait endless for instructions, so if handler are not in place and Guru has decided and commits on an obstacle, then he also continues from there ;)

Besides being a completely unique agility dog, he has a great temperament and is a great family dog! He is happy about everyone, and is very social and outgoing and always happy! He loves children and all strangers! He has a lot of personality and is completely his own, and everyone who knows him, loves him!

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Gjerulff Guru with flying paws

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Anns beskrivelse af Guru:

Guru is the dog of my dreams,  and I have to mention I never owned a sheltie nor a male before. Guru is the dog of my dreams for many reasons, and I will try to led you in to my life with Guru (and 2 pyrsheps).

Guru is quite a cool dog, since day one in my home, he has loved to be outside also as a 8 week old puppy in the garden alone ( naturally I watched him from the house ). I have never experienced him get afraid of anything – if he is surprised by something his curiosity quickly wins. He is not afraid of thunder and firework and he loves to attack the vacuum cleaner or the ipad when the sound is on this is despite of, that both my pyrsheps are very sound sensitive.

Guru is very happy  –  my nephew once asked me, does Guru smile while sleeping :) Guru easily gets excited, and his happiness and excitement means he is “talking”. Actually Guru is  very noisy, but he is not barking while working and he is not the one that barks the most at home, but his happiness and excitement makes him “talk” and he makes so many sounds.

Guru is very energetic and without doubt the most active dog I have/have had. He loves our daily walks, he loves swimming, training and doing tricks and he loves to play with me, other dogs and children. He loves people very much and especially children. Guru is always ready for action and he is the type of dog that needs to be mental and physical stimulated every day . I truly love working with Guru. Even though I might be biased I’m convinced he is a natural talent. He has an amazing understanding of agilityhandling, he is clever and able to figure out tasks and he always gives everything he has. Guru likes to tugg but his favorite reward is a ball with a squeaker. He is able to switch between treats and toys, but he is a bit picky with treats.

Guru has a strong will and some temper – he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want eg he doesn’t want to be held. We have been training this a lot, and he has recently been eye-examined without any problems at all.

Dreams do come true, and Guru is a great example. I feel like the luckiest person in the world because I share my life with Guru.