Sunshine Forever von der Happy-Horse Farm   aka. EVER


Brie Streetsmart Extreme Braveheart    aka. Brie

We are so proud of Evers first litter, the puppies are all amazing and we were sorry for not being able to repeat the combination, BUT we are lucky to have found a son who is undoubtedly as perfect, BRIE! We know this combination will be nothing short of amazing! We know 2 of Brie's siblings, Neo and BB, in Denmark, and they work amazingly and have a super mind and temper, that is very important for us!

We have high criteria for our puppies, in all our breeds, where cooperation, power and a good building, but at the same time family dog with good temperament and good health is just as perfect. We can not wait to get another litter of puppies, looking forward to these particular qualities!

Brie is breeded by Olga Kwiencien in Poland, and they have his brother Brego who has won medal at agility World Championship! Brie has amazing agility full and half siblings, and parents, around the world, and both his father and mother have made wonderful children together and separately. 

Read more about Babou (father of Brie)'s familiy here

                         Brie                                              Ever                               



ED: 0
OCD: ikke påvist
Full dental

Height: 38 cm (all Evers siblings is medium agility dogs, also males. Ever 5 kids, 1 daughter and 2 sons in medium, and 1 son son 43,5 cm)
Weight: 9 kg

ED: 0
Full dental
Height 42,8 cm
Weight: 11 kg

Expectations for the combination:

As we often try with our other breeds, we try to combine the "handler-focused" dog with the more "independent" one, the quiet with the crazy, but at the same time do not compromise on temperament, building and health!

Ever has become very aware on her handler, both in the private but also in training. When she was a puppy she was very adventurous and almost independent / confident and wanted to explore everything, too much, on her own. That became on top on the training list, and has now made her very much attached to her handler! This means that the independence that can be an advantage on the agility course, to pull extra speed out of some sequences, may depend on the handlers speed and acceleration. However, it means that Ever at very early age was very technical and able to run even the most complicated courses as she really wants to follow the handler! She has been a very easy learner from the start, and she learned tricks quickly and offers a lot to please to trainer! Another advantage is also that she can train undisturbed by others, despite training courses are very close, they do not interest her when she works with her handler!

Brie is of the more independent type, and uses his power more forwardly than back towards his handler. He has a wild power and there must be a full focus to follow him ;) However, that does not mean he is disobedient; he has the right amount of pleasing behavior that allows him to be controlled despite the high speed and work drive!

Both dogs work with their heads, and we also expect this of their puppies! Puppies who will be clever, instructive, will to please, but also with the right amount of "py-fun" as this can not or must not be avoided in this breed :) There will be fun puppies, puppies that never grow up, puppies who keep the family busy and bring the smile on the faces every day! They will get a lot of charm so it will be difficult to set limits, but these will be necessary ;)

Ever is a very friendly dog ​​of nature and she has a very easy jump technique, which makes her happily jump over "baby doors" in the home if there are new guests in the house she wants to say hello to ;) This however, can hardly be practical when crossing the camp fence and next door to greet you. ;) Ever is very sweet by nature, and like most dogs, if she is alone :) but on the other hand, she can defend her "own" if she is sitting at the lap of her owner. :/ Ever has a strong feeling for her pack, and is the pack leader even though she is not the oldest. Ever has a lot of personality, as the py is also known for :) She can give the biggest smile on your face and she can give you gray hair at the same time ;) Fortunately it's mostely smiles! She has a special status at home, and is allowed many things, and although there are usually no dogs on the couch, Ever has her own blanket to stay on. Likewise, she also has a firm seat at the dining table, whether it's on her own chair or on the lap, Ever does not care, just she must be part of the community!

We expect will strong dogs that will fit into both family life and in training. Since our passion is agility, we have put great value in jumping technique and building! But this does not mean that these puppies will only be able to perform agility. On the contrary, the puppies will be due to the structure of a good body, easy running ability and co-operability to all kinds of dog sports!

Many say it's a pleasure with a clever dog, but remember, it's not just the "right things" they learn quickly ;) The bad behavior can also be stuck! So it is recommended that you take a good look at what it means to get a pyrsheep in the house and how to handle the training and normal house-rules :) We are of course available as much as we can, wishing only the best for our puppies and their new families!

Work-wise we hope for a great enthusiasm for toys and treats! We hope for a combination of both parents, so puppies with great power, but at the same time pay close attention to the handler and given signals, as well as great willingness to follow action! Evers 1st litter has shown that, and we are soo proud of them all, the owners has done a great job with them!

One thing is for sure: we could never make a combination on our kennel that was not good enough for ourselves! So this is definitely a wishing combination from our side and we also want it to fall in the taste of others, we hope to keep a puppy in our kennel aswell :D

We are so proud of Evers 1. litter, and really can't wait for this one! 
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