Gjerulff a Bonus kiss for Blitzen   aka Kiss
LP1 LP2 LP3 DKLPCH Welshriverdee Rayder   aka Rayder

Kiss har been scanned, and have lots of puppies in her belly :D

Kiss is after Quickly and Bonus, and from the "Bonus" litter. Bonus is a top delicious obedience dog, with a whole line of very talented dogs behind him, and his mother Casey was the world's champion in obedience in 2015! Quickly is the ONE, amazing bc female who has all the qualities we want in a bc, it's simply nothing we would change in her! Best of all, both parents have the most amazing temperament both towards humans and dogs! Kiss is after a dream combination, and if possible, she has an even better temper than her parents! 

Kiss is a thinking type, and one type that do not go off with the head under the arm to start with, but initially learns with her head and speeds up on the way ...! She don't need that many repetitions until Kiss understands the task, and she starts gaining speed from time to time! Kiss has a very easy and natural jumper, she has and natural easy technique, and has never tended to drop bars! She always turns beautifully and can make the most beautiful little turns, when she wants, but she like to run more ;)

Kiss is a bit different from her mother, where Quickly is very "sticky" on an agility course, and very much wants to be very close to the handler, Kiss is a runner. She is searching forward, and has a huge herding gene. She is fantastic on sheeps, and she is naturally in balance and a dream to work with.

Read more about Kiss on her own page here

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Health on KISS

ED: 0
OCD: free
Mother Quickly have 20 puppies, 19/20 is x-rayed with same result
Full dental
CEA carrier
ECVO free 2018
TNS: free
CL: free
Hight: 48 cm
Weight: 16 kg


First time we saw Rayder, was at his first agility event, as a spectator. The hall was filled with stressed dogs and very eager atmosphere! It was important for us to see him and evaluate him on our own, and how he addressed this situation. The first thing that happened when Rayder entered the hall, the class started, and the hall entrance was at the end of the course, so all the dogs came out in that direction. The first Rayder met when he entered the hall, was a black labrador that just got up in his head and growled!! Rayder ignored it and instead looked up at Simone, his owner, and they continued on ...

Rayder went interested around, lit up on the atmosphere, but did not get caught up in it, and managed everything much better than the other agility dogs! Simone and Rayder also trained little in the hall and he had a fantastic focus! The way he could switch from being lit up in the atmosphere, to the completely xtreme focus on Simone when she asked if he was ready! Watch this video and blow away!

We feel very happy about being approved for using this amazing male! Rayder is an amazing talented obedience dog, he is energetic, fast, explosive, learning fast and will to please! He has a fantastic line and also many talented agility dogs behind him! He line is multi talented!

Rayder lives daily at Simone, but is owned by Miriam :)
Read here what Miriam talks about Rayder:

Rayder is a dog in great mental balance. He does not care about his surroundings or about other dogs, children and people. He is incredibly stable mentally. This means that he can be trained in any environment. Whether in military area with shot, in an agility hall full of alarm and action or in the middle of the city, he does not care- he works.
He has a fantastic on / off button. He can train full speed and be asked to sit down and relax and he does. It's an ability that is incredibly important when you want to compete and travel a lot, as it keeps the dog's energy in spite of it's wrecking.
Rayder is very serious about his work. Since the puppy he has had a great focus and interest in training / work. It falls naturally to him. He moves light and elegant and exudes power and superiority. He has great acceleration ability and a nice jump style. Rayder does not even cultivate agility, but in his family has lots of amazing agility blood.

Rayder is not a hard dog. Understaffed that he is highly executable and susceptible to information. He always does his absolute best. At the same time, he is not soft as he easily tolerates correction and being pushed in his training. Of course with the right amount.
During the normal day, Rayder is a loving and happy dog, ​​who loves to be cuddled.

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Sundhed RAYDER

ED: 0
OCD: free
Full dental
ECVO free 2018
CEA: free
TNS: free
CL: free
MDR1: free
SN: free
IGS: free
Height: 52 cm
Weight: 16 kg

Sire: SHSB 662509 Eiri Greme Gwen
Dam: LOP 507436 Never Never Land U’ Revenge
Sports and grade/class/level: Danish Obedience Champion in class2. Is now compeeting in obedience class3.

Expecting about the litter

These puppies will only be sold to people with knowledge of high-drived dogs.
We expect dogs that will work with high intensity, but still huge will to please!

We expect puppies/dogs that are incredible learningskills, but therefore also dogs that needs a plan from the start, as the bad habits are as easy to get taught as the good :) Both parents are enterprising, inventive, and will be good at all forms of dog sports, where intensity, speed, explosiveness and cooperation are in focus. Both dogs work well both close and distant to the handler. Kiss has some hyrding behavior, and both Kiss and Rayder are from hyrding lines, so there are great chances that the puppies also get a good shepherd gene, depending on what the puppies are to be used for, be aware of this :) Both dogs has both talented agility and obedience dogs in the lines, and as the rest of the family an easy and smooth jumping technique! We are really looking forward to this power litter!