Her vil der løbende blive indsat updates fra Wow i sit nye hjem, og vi glæder os til at følge Charlotte og Wow! :)

7. april 2016
Så bliver man en meget glad opdrætter <3

Wow came home to the UK with us at 4 months old, it was a long 4 months of waiting!
I saw her first at 8 weeks old, the same day she got diagnosed with PDA. I spent two days in Denmark with Natasha and Dennis, and also Birthe and Natascha who have Sum and New, we took Wow to the beach with the other puppies and then the following day Natasha and I took her to the pet store. I loved watching how she responded to new situations; so curious and happy.

When the puppies were a few weeks old, Natasha asked me what I looked for in a puppy and I gave her a description, so she could matches the puppy buyers to the most suitable puppy for them. I felt slightly scared, as with my other dogs I had chosen them myself. But when I met Wow I knew that Natasha had matched her perfectly with what I look for in a puppy.

Natasha said to me no pressure about having Wow, with PDA, if I changed my mind and didn’t want a puppy with a heart ‘problem’. But as soon as I saw Wow I knew I would not change my mind, a puppy with such strong presence, really confident and brave, whilst loving people.

It was hard to say ‘see you soon’ to Wow knowing she had to have major surgery at 10 weeks, but I knew she was a little fighter and Natasha would give her the best chance by taking her to a vet clinic in Copenhagen, with an experienced surgeon to operate on her. Sure enough Wow pulled through, and bounced back from the operation very quickly. I was lucky that Natasha sent me many photos and videos of Wow over the next few weeks, so it made me feel slightly closer than 1400km away!

We drove from England all the way to Denmark to pick up Wow, I was very lucky as she is such a happy well adjusted puppy that she travelled really easily – she was very tired after our busy day in Denmark so was very sleepy. We got her out at the service stations, took her for a little walk, let her have a pee, gave her some food, and back in the car, and straight to sleep! No travel sickness, settles straight away, just brilliant!

Since Wow has been home with us I have tried to take her to many different places, meet lots of people, and lots of new experiences. She accepts everything so happily and loves exploring, she is definitely a very curious puppy. She also loves running… in the litter she was known as ‘the runner’ and this is definitely still the case! She will often do the ‘zoomies’ in the garden, on a walk, or in the house. Just running as fast as she can in big circles with fast change of direction, it is so funny to watch!

Wow also has a stubborn streak like her grandma :-P if she does not want to do something, she will stand and stare at me, refuse to come one more step further, and then she will take off and do the zoomies. It is so funny I just laugh at her. Because then she often forgets that she was being stubborn in the first place and comes running over to greet me!

Our other dogs have all accepted her easily, she has fitted right in. Scandal is the matriarch, she will play with Wow on her terms, and Wow is always respectful of her (although occasionally forgets and bites her tail when they are running ;-)). Wow thinks Fire is a great substitute for Movie and likes to hang off her collar :-P and they play together lots. Tia and Jed pretend she does not exist most of the time ;-) 

As Wow is so young I do not want her walking too far, so I have bought a little puppy carrier for her to sit in, so she still gets to come with us on our long walks. Wow is not sure about this, as she would much prefer to be running, rather than sitting still ;-) and she likes to shout her encouragement to Fire when she is watching from the carrier. I am sure Wow is looking forward to the day she is allowed to run the whole time, rather than just small parts :-)

Thank you for my lovely girl Natasha!!